Set C-Guard®



  • badly adhered layer of previous coatings; if the concrete has already been painted, remove the badly adhered paint by sanding or brushing with a wire brush. On the remaining surface do the next test:
    • with a "Stanley" knife make an incision in the shape of an X through the film coating to the concrete,
    • paste adhesive tape over the X and squeeze it hard onto the surface,
    • remove the tape with one strong pull,
    • if more than one fifth of the surface, which has been pasted over is removed, then the adhesion of the paint is not good. Before painting with C-Guard®, the old paint layer needs to be removed by sanding or by using an adequate paint remover. If the adhesion of the old paint is good, it needs to be sanded (with a rough abrasive paper or a wire brush) over the whole surface, so that a good adhesion between the layers can be assured.
  • friable or badly affected concrete and cement with a lime deposit ; if the concrete is in a bad condition it breaks up easily, crumbles or if there is a lime deposit on the surface. The paint will not have optimal characteristics if the friable material and the dust are not removed, the lime deposit is not sanded off and the affected parts are not cleaned,
  • Humidity in concrete; if the concrete is dry (light grey colour) there will be no problems with the adhesion and stability of the paint. In the case of periodical humidity in the concrete (during heavy showers) it can evaporate through the paint film, as the paint is water vapour permeable. In case of constant humidity problems, however, the surface is not suitable for painting,
  • Concrete that has been previously protected against water absorption; if it is possible that the concrete has been previously protected with a hydrophobic agent, drip a small amount of water onto different concrete surfaces. If the drops are not absorbed by the concrete the concrete has been water-proofed and this could be the reason for bad paint adhesion.

C-Guard® can not be used on surfaces which are directly exposed to sun light. New concrete must dry for at least 28 days before applying the coating. The air temperature must be between 15 and 30°C and the relative air humidity under 80%. The concrete floor takes a long time to warm up; this is why you must make sure that the air temperature is at least 15°C. on the day before painting. The minimum floor temperature for painting should be 15°C, maximum 25°C.

The original unopened packaging must be stored in a cool (under 25°C), dry and airy place. The storage temperature must not drop below +5°C.

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