C-Guard® systems


C-Guard® Universal


  • Exceptional work flexibility
  • Optimized stock
  • Good mechanical and chemical resistance
  • Vapour permeable
  • Free of solvents, plasticizers and benzyl alcohol
  • No emissions
  • Environmentally friendly solution
Technical features

C-Guard® MCF Universal is based on special raw materials that allow versatile and great latitude of flexibility of the system and thus make it truly unique. The quick response and efficiency of the contractor is crucial for the economic success on small and medium-sized facilities. The C-Guard® MCF Universal offers high flexibility and minimal waste of time and material.

Universal use:

  1. Example: EP 217W / 272W HT with 20% water added
  2. For putiy and intermediate coat: EP 217W / 272W HT with fine fillers
  3. Finishing coat: EP 217W/272W HT
  4. Self-levelling (up to 2mm): EP 217W / 272W HT with sand 0.1-0.3mm (1: 1 mix)
  5. Epoxy concrete: EP 217W / 272W HT with sand, cement and water
Layer Product
Thickness 1,5 - 2 mm
Substrate Concrete prepared according to standards
Primer C-Guard® EP 271W + 20% water
Intermediate C-Guard® EP 271W + sand + cement
Final layer C-Guard® EP 271W or 272W HT
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