Surfaces exposed to chemicals
AKS-PS Polymersilicate Coating System


  • Highly resistant to acids, lyes and chemical attack
  • Solvent-free
  • High adhesion to concrete, masonry, and sand blasted steel
  • High mechanical strength
  • Easy to use
  • Heat resistant up to 150 °C
  • Open to steam diffusion
  • Does not emulsify with water and therefore water-repellent immediately after being applied
  • Solvent-free, free of amines and heavy metals
Technical features

AKS-PS is a performance coating system which offers optimum chemical resistance, high impact and abrasion resistance for areas subject to extreme conditions. It is used as an industrial protective coating material on mineral and steel surfaces against aggressive chemical medias, mainly in Waste Water Treatment Plants, Oil and Fat Separators, Storing Bunds and Catch Basins, Drain Gutiers and Steel Tanks.
Due to its so􀅌 consistency and its extremely high adhesive power AKS-PS can be used on all mineral surfaces without difficulty. Even steel surfaces can be coated with this material. Excellent properties regarding the tensile-adhesive strength are achieved on both types of surfaces.
Our Polymersilicate coating compounds an isocyanate which is cross-linked with a liquid silicate. Thereby we benefit from the positive properties of both compounds and their extraordinary resistance against acids and lyes. AKS-PS is open to steam diffusion, solvent-free and free of amines and heavy metals.
AKS-PS is resistant against aggressive organic and inorganic compounds. The resistance against acids and lyes goes beyond the range of pH 0 to pH 14. For instance, on the basis of our experience a coated surface is resistant without any problems against 20% sulphuric acid or 20% potassium hydroxide solution.
The product meets all the special demands of operators, engineers and applicators concerning best material properties, high chemical resistance and economic efficiency.

Layer Product
Thickness 1,5 - 2 mm
Substrate Concrete prepared according to standards
Primer - optional C-Guard® EP 152
Final layer AKS - PS
  • AKS-PS 3 K can be applied evenly with a steel trowel or with a suitable screw pump (mortar sprayer) to prepared and levelled substrates. Fields of application are reconstructing of concrete and masonry, waste water facilities, oil/fat separators, filling sha􀅌s, catch basins, manholes, drains ...
  • AKS-PS 2 K can be applied evenly by hand or piston pump (paint sprayer). Fields of application are chemical industry, oil industry, lubricant industry, food and drink industries, breweries, distilleries, farming, animal breeding ...
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