C-Guard® products

C-Guard® EP 385 W

Two component epoxy self-levelling breathable layer for concrete floors

Usage and Properties

C-Guard® EP 385 W je is a two component epoxy water vapour permeable self-leveller for concrete and screeds with adequate tensile and compressive strength. C-Guard® EP 385 W can be used on floors without appropriate hydro isolation like warehouses, production ubits, garages, stores. It can be used for non-slippery floors in food industry where there is a lot of humidity. Because of its high temperature resistance (130°C) it can be used for floorings around ovens.


  • Good chemical resistance and mechanical properties
  • Non slippery when wet
  • Water vapour permeable
  • Low yellowing and high thermal resistance (130°C)
  • Great impact resistance

Field of application

  • Chemical and mechanical protection of concrete flooring and screeds
  • Final layer for garages, warehouses, production halls
  • Great adhesion on damp surfaces (6,5% CM) and high water vapour permeability
PackagingA - 10kg, 25kg; B - 1kg, 2.5kg
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